FOOD FOR BETTA FISH : 7. Water flea

Above is water flea 's picture.

The best food for fry (baby betta fish) is water flea because water flea has a lot of protein and digestible. Fry love to eat them. It is the main food for growing up baby betta fish.

Water flea is very small size. I usually use for feed fry when they are 7-10 days old. I feed baby betta fish with water flea for 3 weeks after that ...I
feed baby betta fish with red water worms.

In Thailand , I can buy water flea easily. I think if I cannot find water flea , I cannot raising betta babies. It is very important!!!

But if you cannot find water flea...I have another food for betta babies. It may not good as water flea but you can raising the fries with this food ,too. It is "artemia's eggs".

For more details about artemia's eggs. I will explain how to use it for babies betta later.


I would like to introduce myself.
My name is Tossatam Siripoonsap. I am Thai people.
I used to be a Process Engineer in factory which produce all type of cosmetics products...such as cream , lotion ,mascara , foundation , lipstick and powder but I decide to resign from my job because I want to breed and sell betta fish. I want to do the job which I love.

Now I have a lot of betta fish but I still earn a little money from them. I expect that I can success in this job. If you are interested in my fish , please contact me directly by :
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This is my picture...Now (2009) I am 25 years old.
Nice to meet you.


Hi all betta lovers,

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FOOD FOR BETTA FISH : 6.Yolk (chicken red egg) solution

This type of food is best for baby betta fish which is 3 days old.
I always feed babies betta with yolk solution 7-10 days before give them another food type.

This is methods step by step to make the yolk solution for the babies betta :
1. Cook chicken egg by put it in boiling water.
You will get this..

2. Choose only yolk..

3. Put it in a large water and disperse it..

4. Strain it and now it is ready for use for children/babies betta fish..

5. Use your hand to drop this yolk solution in betta babies tank. Drop a little of it around their tank.

Don't drop a lot of yolk solution each time you give the babies food because water condition will bad.
Give the betta babies this yolk solution 1 time a day is enough.

The End...

Tips for breeding betta fish

Many betta fish lovers used to fail in breeding betta fish. I used to fail ,too.
Main problem is betta fish male or female isn't ready for breeding or the breeding tank is not optimize for them.

This is some tips for prepare the breeding tank for betta fish : click here

After the spawn tank is ready , this is the following advice :
1. Let the male and the female look at one another about 7-10 days. You can see the male makes a lot of air bubble on his tank. This means that he is ready.

2. Put both the male and the female into spawn tank and close spawn tank by a closer but open slightly for air transfer.

3. Wait about 2 days. You don't need to give any food to them during this step.

4. Open a closer and look for their eggs which is on bubble nest.
If you can see their eggs....catch the female out of spawn tank.
You can give the male a little food.

5. Wait about 3 days. You will see their children.

6. Their children have food for 3 days after they born (food from their eggs), you don't need to feed their children with any food for 3 days.

7. After 3 days, You feed their children with dissolve red chicken egg.
More details of dissolve red chicken egg ,please click here.

8. Feed betta fish children with dissolve red chicken egg for 7-10 days.

More details for kindergarten betta fish , please follow the next track.


This is my advice about how to prepare spawn tank for betta fish.

1. Clean your spawn tank with salt or KMnO4.

2. Add tap water into your spawn tank with 3-4 inch height.

3. Add aqua plants into your spawn tank. Please see picture.

4. Add Indian almond leaves about 2 leaves.

5. Leave it at least 2 days.

6. Now your spawn tank is ready.

7. Put the male & female betta fish into this spawn tank.


Today I want to offer you this amazing food for betta fish. I think you can make it at your kitchen because it is steam egg. I would like to explain how to make it with picture details.

1. Prepare your chicken egg.

2. Strike an egg into a bowl and then add water into an egg.

3. Mixing egg until it is combined together with water.

4. Put it into hot plate.

5. Heating and wait about 15-20 minutes. An egg is cooked by steam.

6. After that you will receive a complete steam egg.

7. And then put it into baby betta fish's tank. The adult betta fish also love to eat this steam egg ,too.

Is it easy to make ?
You can feed your betta fish with this steam egg for a long time by keep it in refrigerator.
But be careful water's condition.

Steam egg has enough nutrients for betta fish.


I would like to show my betta fish farm.

1. I breed my lovely betta fish with these plastic tanks. I receive betta fish about 40-50 fish in each batch breeding ( per 1 tank ).

2. These are my babies betta fish. They are white platinum color.

And this is all of my bettas.


Betta fish care tips

This is my way about how to take care betta fish.

1. I replace the old water which dirty with the new water 2 times per week and I add a little salt in their new water.

2. I feed them by frozen red blood worm in the morning and pellet food in the evening.
More details about frozen red blood worm click.
More details about pellet food click.

3. I let my betta fish look at each other for let they flare all of fin about 1-2 hours per day. This make them exercise and they will healthy.

This is enough to make your betta fish active and healthy.

FOOD FOR BETTA FISH : 4. Red water worms

Red water worm is very valuable betta food. Betta will growing faster and has a perfect form quickly. It is available for at least 1 month old betta fish.

You can keep red water worm for your betta about a month. They still alive if the water is good enough. But the major problem of water worm is about the dirty. This type of fresh food is the top of impurities. Before give it to your betta fish you need to wash it well.

If you don't wash it good enough , the disease will come.... such as stomach parasites.

FOOD FOR BETTA FISH : 3. Pellet food

The third food for betta fish that I recommend is "Pellet food" because it is comfortable and does not make sewage as quickly as fresh food.

But I don't advice to use pellet food for a long time because it don't have enough nutrients reached for betta fish.

You can easy find pellet food at the fish shop nearly your home. There are a lot of brand but I advice that you must buy pellet food which has protein at least 42%. Your betta will quickly grow and healthy with this 42% protein or more.

FOOD FOR BETTA FISH : 2.Frozen red blood worms

This is food for betta fish which easy to buy and easy to use and affordable.
It is .... Frozen red blood worms.
You can keep it in refrigerator for long life use.
Before you give it to betta fish , you just put Frozen red blood worms in water for melting ice. After that it is ready for your betta fish.
Is it easy and comfortable?

This is Frozen red blood worms 's picture.

FOOD FOR BETTA FISH : 1. Mosquito Larva

The best food for betta fish which I recommend is Mosquito Larva.

Mosquito Larva has a lot of protein which need for betta fish in their dairy life.
This is Mosquito Larva's picture :

If you cannot find Mosquito Larva for your betta , I will advice other food for betta fish later.
There are a lot of food for betta fish. You can find at least one of them at your country.

How to choose betta fish male and female for breeding?

How to choose a male betta fish for breeding...
1. Male is healthy.
2. He makes bubble nest (air bubble) while he is in his tank.
3. All fins and body are beautiful & balance like the pictures below.
4. Age more than 4 months.

How to choose a female betta fish for breeding...
1. Female is healthy.
2. She must fat and has a big body.
3. All fins and body are beautiful and balance like the pictures below.

4. Age more than 4 months old because her eggs will be superb quality and ready for breeding at this age.

Components of the betta fish.

Picture below shows all details of components of betta fish.

Welcome all Betta fish lovers

Welcome all Betta fish lovers.ลิงก์
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