Color genetic of the blue betta fish

This is ordinary color genetic.
Color genetic line of the blue mask betta fish are blue , steel blue and green.

Blue mask

Steel blue mask

Green mask
Yeah! you can matching blue+blue ,blue+steel blue , blue+green and steel blue + green.

All of the matching plan above , their children will be blue , steel blue and green. It is the same result.

If you want to get mostly of their children to be blue, matching the blue with the blue and inbreed again.

The other colors genetic will be posted soon.

Result of my salamander butterfly betta fish breeding

Color genetic of betta fish
This is my last salamander butterfly breeding result. This batch I get purple and yellow...yeah! they are the same sibling and the same generation. Some batch I get only purple..but some batch I also get the yellow ,too.

The purple salamander betta fish :

The yellow salamander betta fish :

For the color genetic of the other colors , I will try to post to show you soon.
Please wait a minute!!


Betta fish are a favorite aquarium fish. They can thrive in large or small tanks and even small fish bowls which can only house one pet. An interesting dilemma that many people face when they go shopping for betta fish is deciding which color of betta fish to choose. Since betta fish come in almost every color you can imagine, it would be impossible to cover every color that is available. However, if you are just beginning your search on betta fish you should know that you will have a choice of solid betta, bi-colored, patterned or multi-colored betta. Each is unique and everyone tends to have their favorites.

1. Solid-Color Betta Fish

2.Bi-Colored Betta Fish

3.Patterned Betta Fish
These fish should not be confused with multi-colored fish. A patterned betta fish will have several colors that are in an organized pattern. Patterned bettas are very desirable and rare. The two main patterns you will run across are the marbles and the butterfly patterns. The butterfly pattern is where the fish has a solid body and the fins have the body color along with another color. The marble pattern is where the fish has a flesh body with blotches of color on the body, tail and fins. A fish can still be classified as a marble pattern if it only has blotches on its body.

4.Multicolored Betta Fish

A multicolored betta fish will have washes of different colors with no specific pattern. Narrowing down which color of beta fish to choose can be a bit overwhelming in the beginning. But it will not take long for you to decide which your favorites are. No matter which color you prefer, just remember, if you stock many bettas in a tank, you should watch for fighting. Protect any weaklings you may have from bullies.