Have you ever seen this betta fish?

It is very fantastic betta fish because of it's color. Wow!! What amazing fish.
This fancy halfmoon plakat is breeded by a breeder from Thailand...He is called "bitongbetta".
His actual name is Mr.Sukit ...a breeder who lives in Rayong , Thailand. He is a famous fancy betta fish breeder.

Mr.Sukit has a lot of amazing fancy halfmmon plakat color. I think the best of his fish is this fish... Let's see it's pictures.

How do you think about this fish??
It is 1 of Million.

I will try to show you more his amazing fancy betta fish later.


Hi everybody,
Now I have finished a lot of jobs and have enough free time to share my experience on betta fish again. This month I am a bit unhappy with my betta fish business. I cannot sell a lot of my fish haha!.

But that's all right!! I am still love to feed betta fish and love to share useful information to you forever.

Today I would like to share how to develop betta fish to be a very beautiful fish.

For example , my target is "FANTASTIC WHITE HALFMOON PLAKAT"
My old white hmpk color's blood is not good enough.
I want to make pure white color hmpk with big finnage and over halfmoon form.
The first thing that I must prepare is WHITE HALFMOON MALE and WHITE HMPK FEMALE because their children's color will come from their father and their body will similar to their mother.

These are the fish (pair) that I choose for breeding ( I choose double tails halfmmon male because I cannot found halfmoon at that time)

If you choose the female is HALFMMON ..not HMPK , you will get their children nearly 100% long fin specie.

With this method...In the first generation , I get 20% hmpk ,40% halfmoon and 40% delta.
This is a picture of delta that I get in the first generation.

In the second generation , I choose white male and female hmpk form from the first generation which have cleanly white color and breed them (this called "IN BREED")
I got about 70% hmpk from the second generation.

And yeah!! I do the same in the third generation. I get this male...

This is my way to develop betta fish to be more beautiful fish than the present.

So sad but this is the end of this post.
Bye bye.