This is all of my halfmoon plakat pictures.
Some fish I sold them already but some fish I still feed them.
Now I have 3 main blood colors. They are pure white platinum halfmoon plakat , super red halfmoon plakat and fancy halfmoon plakat.
I have a lot of beautiful fish but I lost some pictures.
Let's see my collection...

1. pure white platinum halfmoon plakat

2. Super red halfmoon plakat

3. Mask team

4. Gold halfmoon plakat

5. Fancy team

6. Black team (super black , black copper ,black melano and black-red copper)

7. Butterfly team (salamander and pine apple)

8.Black Dragon halfmoon plakat

9. The others...


Hung Luong said...

There a few betta that you posted that I would love the have . Your pure white and your super black, and also your black and white one. If you can, can you email me info on how I can purchase them from you. My email is

Innovation said...

Hi Hung Luong,
Thank you very much for interested in my betta fish.

Please select your favourite fish from my blog and my aquabid show room by follow these link :

And please tell me what color do you want? I will close them for you.

Shipping cost from Thailand to U.S.A. = 5 USD./fish.

I send your fish to a transhipper who lives in U.S.A.(because you don't have a license for import fish) and your transhipper will send your fish to your home. For domestic shipping cost...please contact your transhipper directly.
These are transhippers who live in U.S.A...please select your transhipper :
- Manuel Karpenkofp or Pegasus at Miami, FL Email : / Phone: (305) 778-8006

- Linda Olsen at Denver, Colorado (CO) Email : / Phone: Office phone (303) 404-9152 . .Cell (720) 999-1261

- Jennifer L Viveiros at Atlanta, GA Email : / Phone: (770) 342-9673

- Julie Tran at Clovis, CA. Email : / Phone (916) 719-1519

- Jeff Wilson at WA Email : / Phone 1-425-280-2574

I will confirm you shipment date as soon as you tell me who is your transhipper.
I have joined their shipment every week.

Please pay me by PAYPAL. My PAYPAL account :

If you don't have a paypal account , please pay me by WESTERN UNION...My WESTERN UNION address is :
Mr.Tossatam Siripoonsap
688/884 Srinakarin Rd.
Nongborn Pravate Bangkok
Tel. +66-84-1994302

Best regards,

AHMAD said...

Hello Hung Luong,there're a few HMP that i'm interested.I live in malaysia,is there any problem for me to buy betta fish from you.You can reach me at this email
p/s please sent me your latest HMP picture.

Thank You

Innovation said...

I am Tossatam(Innovation) who made this blog (not Hung Luong).
Hung Luong is my customer.

Yeah I used to send my betta fish to problem.

Thank you for visit my blog,

AHMAD said...

Hello Tossatam,sorry for the mistake,i already email you the list of colour i want,and also please quote the price.

Thank You

Innovation said...

OK Thanks.
I will reply your email now.

wan said...

hi.. i'm irwan from kl... i am very interested to a half moon plakat type and i'm now searching for it..i want to buy it and i want to know how much u sell it and how can i buy it from u?? this is my please do contact me...

glacoliveira said...
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Anonymous said...

do you ship bettas to the philippines?

Innovation said...

Yes , I send betta to philippines ,too. Please give me your email. I will contact you for more details.

Jhaey said...

Sir message me im interested, fr0m philippine h0w much per pair,

sfli_ian said...

Good day. I'm from philippines and i want to have some betta fish of yours. how much a pair of betta would cost including shipping charges? how about each male or female betta cost? please send me quotations and more pics at my email .... thanks

phlchoco said...

hello! I'm very much interested regarding your HM plakat betta fish. I would like to know how much will it cost per pair of musk, pure white, black cooper. please e-mail me at I'm from Philippines.

A.Raghavendra said...

the pure white looks so beautiful !

jatz said...

ellow.. i want to buy from your good quality betta fish.. i want first your price list and the delivery cost...send me from philippines, this is my email add..,

bom said...

Hi, I'm from sg and very much interest in your betta may I know how can I go about buying from you if I do nit have a paypal acc? Thanks!

Waiting for your reply soon.. My email add is

The Newbi said...

hello I was thinking if you could help me or send me to a diffrent website.I would like to know about cross breeding inbreeeding and cross out breeding i am just starting and need to know about genes. no not the pants:)Ha.but i need to know how to do all this

jendar8 said...

there is one Betta that i like i was asking i you could help see how to purchase him .i have 3 Bettas and i keep them in there own separate 7 gallon tank(filter and heated)

Anonymous said...

hi sir. let me know how can i buy bettas from you. i`m from philippines
this is my email

JACOB said...

Hello there. i was wondering how much a pair of ur halfmoon plakats were and ur brine shrimp eggs if u sell them... I would love to know soon because my fry are going on two weeks old and im still feeding them micro worms. wanna start feeding them brine shrimp eggs. Thanx

goodpri said...

What colours male and female do you use to get the salamander?

Anonymous said...

Sir Do you Ship Bettas To The pHilippines.? Email Me at for the details. tnx

soewailin said...

I want to buy some pair of your HMPLK. I'm from myanmar.Please give me some of your shipment details and contant imformation of transhippers in myanmar. My email is
Thanks amin

Myles Mabugat said...

Good Day!

Im very much interested to purchase your dragon HM Plakats in pairs if possible. Please send me your price quotation including shipping for Philippines. Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

hi...I m Ikhwal from Malaysia...please e mail me some picture of your plakat with the price...i m very interested with your plakat.....the super black was you have the dragon dragon ,black

Anonymous said...

I would like information on the copper/ black plakats such as pricing and shipping costs to America. My email
Thank you

Ashok said...

i'm from india... i like the platinum white half moon... please tell me about the shipping to india... my mail id is