Indian Almond Leave is know as a herbal medicine for all types of aquarium fish for a long time.
They are known to have antibacteria and antifungal properties.

Betta fish is known to be induced to spawn by just putting a few of the leaves into their tank. Fish suffering finrot or injuries (such as spawning injuries) or sickness will definitely benefit from having the leaves in their quarantine tub. They also can be used for the usual aquariums too.

Indian Almond Leave has an important chemical which call "Tannin". Tannin is benefit for all types of aquarium fish. It reduce pH of water to a little acidic which in range 6-6.5 so this is the reason that Indian Almond Leave has antibacteria and antifungal properties. Disease is difficulty growing at this pH range.

Yeah!! Indian Almond Leave also has properties in the treatment betta fish from sickness.
You can use Indian Almond Leave as medicine for betta fish by follow this instructions:

1. When soaked in water these leaves will leach a strong brown dye that is full of organic acids like humic acids and tannic acids. These may be useful for inhibiting many types of bacteria as well as to detoxify harmful heavy metals found in the aquarium.

2. Put the sick fish into this prepare water.

You also can use Indian Almond Leave for the healthy fish ,too. Just add some Indian Almond Leave water into the healthy fish's tank. This will protect your fish from disease and keep them still healthy. I usually take care my betta fish with this solution.


farhana mannan said...

i really need some of those leaves because it seems like my beta fishes are getting sick.

Huu said...

Hi there,

does anyone know where to find this leave in Houston, Texas?