Growth of betta fish

Let's see growth of betta fish together.
But these pictures cannot use as standard because some blood or colors has a bit quickly growing rate or a bit slowly growing rate than these pictures.

After they hatch from eggs...

2 days.

5 days.

16 days.

1 month.

When they are 3 - 10 days old , I feed them by
disperse chicken red egg in water

When they are 10 days old , brine shrimp or water flea is the best food for them.

More details about raising baby betta fish , please follow this link : RAISING BETTA FISH

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Tossatam..
i have breed my bettas in 5 gallon tank, and their fry growth rate are too slow..i used the almond indian leave too.the fry are about 4weeks now but they look such your 16 day fry,should i continue to feed with brine shrimp or proceed with steam egg?i'm afraid if they cant eat the egg..=((


Anonymous said...

i would like to know the size (in millimetres) of the fry on the second picture(day 5)?
thank you,great site...keep it up!!!!!

Anonymous said...

after 1 month??can i see the photo...