Which Food Is Best For Raising Baby Betta Fish?

From my experience in breeding betta fish, I would like to say that Moina (water flea) is the best for raising babies betta fish. If you can't find it , you can't success in breeding the betta!

I used to try other food also, but all others failed...I can't get a lot of babies bettas alive as much as using the Moina. The babies grow very fast if I give them Moina.

Even if hatching artemia's eggs then give the babies is also good but it can't use more than 2 weeks because once the babies growing - they will show strange swimming manner due to the result of salt.

So in summerize, no water flea - also no my bettas ^____^

Breeding Betta Fish Like a Professional

Today I intend to share how to breed betta fish like a professional do...this method is best suit for anyone who has small all can get many colors & type of bettas you like with my method.

Firstly, I breed a lot of pairs in small tank , like the picture below :

Select the best pairs of each color and type of betta and put them into these small tanks...let them breeding (put a pair together in tanks for 1-2 days and after that catch the female out).

Once those eggs hatched, feed those babies in these small tanks for a week...after that put them together in the LARGE tank and feed them until they're 2-3 months old :)

That's all I made for my small betta fish farm. Enjoy yourself!!

Making The Very Big Fin HMPK

I fallen in love in the very big fin hmpk betta. I think it's balance, good shape and more good looking than halfmoon...can't imagine? , well see the picture below :

This is very stunning to me. I think to make this form of betta I have to breed hmpk with halfmoon at F1...then select the best pair from F1 to inbreed and waiting for the result of F2...

Then I think at F2 , I may have some luck for the very big fin hmpk...if I still can't get it, I will do F3 by select the best pair from F2...together with select another bloodline hmpk male to matching with F2 female...

Finally, I hope I can get the perfect form big fin hmpk :)

Koi Betta...My Experience and Top of My Koi HMPKs

Since the last year, koi betta color appeared in the world...first time I see it, I was surprised!!!!!!! it's very amazing color and I never imsgine before that betta fish could has this type of color. Very amazing!!

These are the top quality koi bettas, breed by me and I sell them above 80 USD./fish...

It's a good experience of me to breed this color and sell them at high price...but now because of there are a lot of breeders also made this color...the price of koi betta drop to the normal price sad T__T

Top Secret Betta Caring Tips

Have you ever known how could I caring hundreds of bettas healthy? This is important for me because I feed them as commercial , for my income and for my life.

I found this secret method by myself and it's the most need any chemical, everything is naturally. Sound amazing?

Ok. You can know my method to keep and cure betta fish to be healthy. You all can do and success like me.

Let's go, follow this link -------> GO!