SHOW!!! Betta fish breeding process

When you choose the best male and female for breeding already and have follow my advice about tips for breeding betta fish.

The next step is put both male and female together into spawn tank. Today I have some hidden pictures during their spawning process and I would like to show it to you.

After 1-2 nights , Your bettas will...
Yeah!!! The male....the female ,and a lot of eggs are dropping from the female's stomach. The male will loosen and hug , loosen and hug...loosen and hug the female until all of female's eggs come out.

Each loosen and hug , the male will looking for eggs and keep them up into his bubble nest (air bubble which on the top of water)

When the male finished breeding process , you can see a lot of eggs on his air bubble nest.

And this is their children after the breeding process finished ,they hatch within 2-3 days.

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Jerry Mah said...

how if the male keep attact the female? but the male had made a very big bubble nest

Anonymous said...

What do most people do with tje fish? I would like to nreed them but i dont have the room to do it and i also dont know how to sell them.

Anonymous said...

why do breeders cover up the top of the bucket, without light how can they still see?