Tips&Tricks about how to hatch brine shrimp's eggs

I would like to offer this method to hatch brine shrimp's eggs with convenience and safe a lot of time. Let's see it.
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1.Prepare water bottle about 1 liter and cut out the bottom of bottle. Then wear it with rope. Hole the opening and lace oxygen line with beady contact switches and adjust the level of wind. See the picture

2. Prepare salt.

3.Add salt to the bottle 1 tbsp.

4. Add brine shrimp's eggs, 1 tsp or depending on the amount you want to fish.

5. You will get it. See picture.

6.Add clean drinking water to nearly full.

7.Line bottle with the oxygen.

8.Open valve. Brine shrimp will go around the bottle. Leave it about 24 hours.

9. After 24 hours. Close valve and leave it about 20 minutes. The baby artemia will be at the bottom and shells will float on top.

10.Then put it into another box. Clean it with tap water about 2 times. Now it is ready for fry (baby betta fish).


Anonymous said...

Hello innovation
i have just bought artemia (brine shrimp) that mix with fine i doesn't need to add salt right?when i have hatched the eggs,the brine shrimp are swimming everywhere freely that make me hard to harvest them. why did they don't stick and the bottom of the bottle?is there i have missed something?


Innovation said...

Hello Sam,
You can use paper close around the bottle except the bottom of bottle...then use sport light focus on the bottom...brine shrimp will move to the bottom which has light...then you can easy to filter them :)

Anonymous said...

thanks for the tips.


Anonymous said...

hello innovation,
how can we storing the hatching brine shrimp for the next uses?

dani b's spot said...

how many days can i use the batch of brine shrimp? when do i throw it away? how can it be stored? thanks!!!