Believe me or not?? These are the same sibling & generation.

I have breeded my super blue hmpk pair and got these fish.
See the pictures :

Their mother is my blood line but I bought their father from market because his form and color is perfect. Both their mother and father are super blue color.

I breeded them and got these fish. I think their father has fancy blood line ,too but fancy color doesn't show on shows on his children.

I love this generation so fantacy is very awesome!!...I sold 3 of these 4 fish to America already.

I will update my new breeding again soon.


Phin said...

Yes, they are beautiful. I also like them. By the way, I want to ask you, how to produce more male fish when we spawn our hmpk? Thanks. Your blog is really helpful to me.

Innovation said...

I put Indian almond leaves into spawn tank for adjust water's pH to be a little acidic (6-6.5). This may help you get more males in each breeding.

Phin said...

Thanks, will try it.

Anonymous said...

nice plakat. are u selling them?

papichulo366 said...

they are beautiful are you selling them?