FOOD FOR BETTA FISH : 7. Water flea

Above is water flea 's picture.

The best food for fry (baby betta fish) is water flea because water flea has a lot of protein and digestible. Fry love to eat them. It is the main food for growing up baby betta fish.

Water flea is very small size. I usually use for feed fry when they are 7-10 days old. I feed baby betta fish with water flea for 3 weeks after that ...I
feed baby betta fish with red water worms.

In Thailand , I can buy water flea easily. I think if I cannot find water flea , I cannot raising betta babies. It is very important!!!

But if you cannot find water flea...I have another food for betta babies. It may not good as water flea but you can raising the fries with this food ,too. It is "artemia's eggs".

For more details about artemia's eggs. I will explain how to use it for babies betta later.


Anonymous said...

Hello mr.innovation
i have a very important question here. Yesterday, i have bought some water fleas near my hometown. The water flea were packed in a plastic bags with some of the water algae (green water).
then, i moved them into a plastic container and put it outside with a net cover on it. on the next morning, the container that fill with green water turn cloudy and smell yucks! it make me sick! and all my daphnia are dead..='((
1)are the daphnia need some air line to survive?
2)or i should culture my green water apart from using the toxic that provided by the shop?


Innovation said...

Water flea cannot stay alive more than 2 days after you bought them. They will die 80% on the first day and no one left after the second day.

I usually freeze them in the refrigerator (freeze channel) for long live useage.

tharindu chanaka said...

do you sale water flea and shiping in sri lanka