FOOD FOR BETTA FISH : 6.Yolk (chicken red egg) solution

This type of food is best for baby betta fish which is 3 days old.
I always feed babies betta with yolk solution 7-10 days before give them another food type.

This is methods step by step to make the yolk solution for the babies betta :
1. Cook chicken egg by put it in boiling water.
You will get this..

2. Choose only yolk..

3. Put it in a large water and disperse it..

4. Strain it and now it is ready for use for children/babies betta fish..

5. Use your hand to drop this yolk solution in betta babies tank. Drop a little of it around their tank.

Don't drop a lot of yolk solution each time you give the babies food because water condition will bad.
Give the betta babies this yolk solution 1 time a day is enough.

The End...


Anonymous said...

...thanks for the advise,! ! ! thats my problem, . raising fry

MrLinkS said...

dude! do you think this kind of food have a chance to be success? What other alternative food that i can use to raise a betta fry? i'm just only a student college, of course sometimes bz. Looking a live food is very hard task to me, any suggestion? hopefully you will respond my question. tnx

MrLinkS said...
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MrLinkS said...
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tharindu chanaka said...

can i feed baby fry for alge

Anonymous said...

This works well ..always