Tips for breeding betta fish

Many betta fish lovers used to fail in breeding betta fish. I used to fail ,too.
Main problem is betta fish male or female isn't ready for breeding or the breeding tank is not optimize for them.

This is some tips for prepare the breeding tank for betta fish : click here

After the spawn tank is ready , this is the following advice :
1. Let the male and the female look at one another about 7-10 days. You can see the male makes a lot of air bubble on his tank. This means that he is ready.

2. Put both the male and the female into spawn tank and close spawn tank by a closer but open slightly for air transfer.

3. Wait about 2 days. You don't need to give any food to them during this step.

4. Open a closer and look for their eggs which is on bubble nest.
If you can see their eggs....catch the female out of spawn tank.
You can give the male a little food.

5. Wait about 3 days. You will see their children.

6. Their children have food for 3 days after they born (food from their eggs), you don't need to feed their children with any food for 3 days.

7. After 3 days, You feed their children with dissolve red chicken egg.
More details of dissolve red chicken egg ,please click here.

8. Feed betta fish children with dissolve red chicken egg for 7-10 days.

More details for kindergarten betta fish , please follow the next track.


Anonymous said...

When do you take out the male I've heard from other people to take him out 4 days after the eggs hatch