Welcome all Betta fish lovers

Welcome all Betta fish lovers.ลิงก์
My blog offers guidance on betta fish..about how to breed betta fish ,how to raising baby betta fish (the fry) and how to take care betta fish. All informations come from my experience.

Betta fish is a very beautiful aquatic fresh water fish specie which can catch people's eyes easily ,so it's popular all around the world.

I am both a breeder and a seller betta fish ,intend to offer suggestions on tips & tricks on betta fish. All my tips & tricks have been posted on this blog.

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Anonymous said...

I recently bought two bettas one male one female i decided to breed them. But when i put the female in she started to flare up and attack the male really bad she ate most of his back this normal. She seems to be making the bubble nest.What should i do?