How to raising baby betta fish!!!

This is the most important knowledge if you want to be a quality breeder. The next step after you finished spawn your lovely betta fish is raising their children to grow to adult.

You can read knowledge about how to spawn betta fish by click here.

The first of my experience in raising baby betta fish , I can feed them alive 8 betta fish only!! hahaha. After that I try to raising them with carefully and I observe that what make they are happy and growing up with the higher rate. And this is the best solution from my experience...

1. I choose the ready male & female for spawn. More details click here.
It will give you the bigger fry (bigger baby betta fish). This means that the fry will healthy and growing up with easily....and give more high survival rate.

2. Prepare optimize spawn tank before spawn them. More details click here.

3. Follow this advice : Tips for spawn betta fish

4. Now you receive a lot of baby betta fish which are 2-3 days old.

5. Give baby betta fish with dissolve chicken red egg for 7-10 days.
Warning!! Give dissolve chicken red egg to the fry 2 times dairy and don't give it too much each time because the water will rot. You can add a little of new water when the fry is 6-7 days for slow down the bad water condition.

You also see the floating oil on the top of water surface. Please follow this solution for remove the oil. If you don't remove the floating oil , water condition will be bad because oxygen cannot dissolve into water. You just...
Put newspaper's paper cover the top of water and wait about 5 seconds then push it up.
Repeat this solution 3-5 times. The oil on the top of water's surface will be removed.
And add a little of new water to their tank.

6. Now the fry is 10 days old. The next food that I feed them is water flea. More details click here.

But I know that somebody cannot find water flea so I advice Brine shrimp. More details click here.

Feed baby betta fish with water flea or brine shrimp for 2-3 weeks with 2 times dairy.
Warning!!! If you feed baby betta fish with brine shrimp more than 3 weeks , baby betta fish will swimming with strange manner.

7. Now baby betta fish are about a month old. They can eat Mosquito Larva , Red water worms and
Frozen red blood worms.
I also recommend steam egg. It is the useful food for the fry because the fry can eat it all day. You put steam egg into their tank in the morning and remove the rest of it in the evening.

Feed your lovely baby betta fish with these food and try to train them to eat Pellet food during this step.
As soon as they can eat pellet food , it is easy for you now!!.

8. Now your baby betta fish is big enough. If you have a water condition problem , you can replace water with siphon hoses.

9. Separate them when they are 2-2.5 months old because they will bite each other.

10. Try to spawn and raising baby betta fish with yourself!!

Have a nice hobby!!!


Anonymous said...

hi innovation, i have question about raising betta fry.

september 1st 2009, the egg's is hatches and it's about 200-250 frys, after 2 or 3 days i feed them with egg yolk for 3 days, and then i moved them to the bigger tank 50gal and i start to feed them with microworm until today. after a week it start dying one by one until today i only have 18 left, which is has been 4 month my frys is only a half inch the big one. they grow really slow every 2 days i clean the bottom tank, and add the treat water, the temperature is 80F. i feed them with microworms 3 to 4 times per day.

what's wrong?
please help.


Innovation said...

Hi Sand,
How much water do you add in 50 gallon tank? 10 cm height of water is the best for the fry that only 1 week old because they are not strong enough to swim in too depth water.

I usually let the fry live together with their father for 1 week.

Temperature between old tank and new tank should equal to one another before you remove the fry to the new tank.

3-4 times of microworms per day is too much for them. Only 2 times (morning and evening) is fine.

Anonymous said...

yes, for the first i moved them into 50gal tank, the water is about 10cm, and then every 2 days i clean the bottom tank and add the new water, every 1 week i raised the water level by 1 inch.
from the beginning they start dying some of them die by disease, some of them stuck in the heater and today i find out 2 more fry die, and i got 2 fry looks really strange.. they mouth jaws is stuck open, they eat and swim normal, is that some disease too? how to cure it?

another question, do you have pure platinum white HM (not plakad)female 180degree or 8 to 16 rays?

thank you,

Innovation said...

Hi Sand,
I think you should not clean the bottom of tank as often as you do...This may cause the fry weak.

I never clean the bottom of tank until they are a month old.

I put water plant and Indian almond leave into the tank...they can slow a rate of bad water condition.

I think the fry that have a mouth jaws are attacked by disease...please put Indiand almond leave and a little salt into the tank.

Yes. I have a pure white halfmoon female ,too. Please give me your email. I will send her pictures to you.

Anonymous said...

my email


Anonymous said...

hi innovation.
if we always peep the tank while the male is guarding the eggs,will he eat all the eggs up?

Innovation said...

If the male is frightened , he will eat the eggs or his children.

If the male isn't frightened , he won't eat any eggs or his children.

skyplane said...

hello mr.innovation..
Apart from water flea and brain shrimps...can we also use infusoria to feed the baby?

Anonymous said...

Hi innovation,

I have decided to breed bettas and plan on purchasing 3-4 bettas. (one male two female) I hear there will be 500 eggs. What should I put all the fry in so that I can sell them and prevent fighting? Please e-mail me back at;

Marcelo said...

Hi! Great site!

My question is: im surprised that you said about more than 3 weeks giving brine shrimp can make the fishes swimming weirdly. Im not in doubt about your statement, my objective is to learn.

Here in Rio de Janeiro, they sell de-capuslated brine shrimps eggs inside a small plastic bottle with salty water. And weirdly, my guppies time ago, used to swim like snakes and i thought it was some disease. And now you told me that! I used to give the decapsulated eggs two times a day, thinking a i was doing the right thing.

Please, how can you explain the brine shrimp can make the fishes swim weirdly? Is it some disease? Whats the reason?

Thx in advance

Anonymous said...

Hi,godofBETTa hihihi... :)when i wan to tranfer the baby.. wat tool do i have to use n wat water do i use clean wit salt to the baby??? or else.. :)pls,im bLur the way to raising da baby...

Anonymous said...

Does anybody have a female betta fish for sale that is cheap[any kind of color would do].

tharindu chanaka said...

can i feed them boild egg after 10 day

ahla haroon said...

My betta babies are about 4 days old
When is the time to move the father betta fish from the tank ?

Oluwasegun Abe said...

Wow, there is nothing I enjoy doing like fish farming